Jeanne Reilly    

rutilated quartz pendant with opal

Two Garnet Swirl

Sterling Silver 

One 9mm and one 5mm garnet cabochon

Overall size, 1.5"h x .75"w

Includes 18" sterling snake chain


Sterling silver pendant

Citrine With Sterling Silver,14 Carat Gold Accent

Faceted citrine, 10mm x 8mm

Overall size, 1.5"h x 1.5w"

Includes adjustable sterling chain



Curve pendant

Opal Doublet and Topaz Pendant

Sterling Silver 

Blue opal cabochon, 20cmm x 10mm

3mm faceted blue topaz

Overall size, 1.5"h x 1.25"w

Includes 18" sterling snake chain


White quartz pendant

Blue Topaz and 14 Carat Gold, Sterling Silver

Blue topaz, 5mm

overall size,1.25"h x .75"w

18" sterling silver chain



Lapis pendant

Burmese Jade With Pearl,

Sterling Silver

Pale green jade cabochon, 30mm x 30mm

Cultured pearl, 10mm x 7mm

Overall size, 2.25"h x 1.25"w

On a 20" sterling rolo chain


Lapis pendant

Carnelian Sterling Silver Pendant

Carnelian  cabochon, 30mm x 30mm

9 mm round

Overall size, .5"h x .75"w

16" sterling  chain


Lapis pendant

Burmese Jade, Brushed Sterling Silver

Pale green jade cabochon, 32mm x 10mm

Overall size, 2.5"h x .75"w

on a 18" sterling chain


Green jasper and amethyst pendant

Sterling Silver Pendant with Green Jasper and Amethyst

Green Jasper

Amethyst cabochon, 7mm x 5mm

Overall size, 2.25" x 2"

18" sterling snake chain



Pink stone pendant_edited.jpg

Pure Nature Sterling Pendant

Pale rose quartz cabochon, 10mm x 15mm

Moss agate, 8mm x 25mm

Cultured pearl, 8mm x 10mm

Overall size, 2.25"h x .5"w

On a 16" sterling rolo chain


Dancing pendant.jpg

Carnelian Sterling Silver Pendant

Carnelian  cabochon, 7mm x 10mm

Overall size, 2.25"h x 1.75"w

Textured sterling silver

16" sterling  chain


Mexican opal pendant.jpg

Mexican Opal, Brushed Sterling Silver

Opal cabochon, 8mm x 10mm

Overall size, 3.25"h x 1.75"w

on a 18" sterling box chain


Shooting star.jpg

Shooting Star Sterling Silver Pendant 

Montana agate, 35mm x 20mm

Onyx cabochon, 8mm x 10mm

Overall size, 1.5"h  x 1.5"w

20" sterling roll chain



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